A Very Embarrassed Mom in the 108th China Canton Fair.
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A Very Embarrassed Mom

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Dear Progressive Products, Please…Please..Please.. you are my last hope to send some sunshine to my children..I am sure you get tons of requests and donate to worthy causes but please help. I was hoping you could help in some small way. Please do not delete this; I am pleading for help for my childrens sake please.I am not an organization but I am a Mom trying to feed my kids. They are wonderful deserving children with good hearts. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job after a car accident. My daughter Jessica 14 yrs old has been in the hospital since 12/3/09 and recently came home. But recovery will take several months or so. And my son Jacob 17 yrs old has been very depressed due to his Dad and now his sisters illness.This Christmas we were unable to give our two children anything because of our financial situation and it was heartbreaking on Christmas morning. I am not asking for a money but I was hoping you could give them a small gift; Anything for them. My husband has been diligently looking for a job and is growing weary. I thought if I could try to find someone to help to show my family there is goodness & hope out there. Even if not a small gift of warmth possibly Food or treat will help a great deal Also my daughter could use baby wipes because of her incontinence problem; we are unable to buy them along with cleaning supplies because it is t a necessity like food is…Please. This has been mortifying even to ask but as a Mom I needed to try. I think this will give my daughter a smile that she so deserves. If there is anything you can do please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Embarrassed Mom Dawn Massaker 1847 Lewis Road South Wales, NY 14139

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Dawn Massaker

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